Xiangtan Kaneko Case&Belt Production Co., Ltd was founded in October 2001, which is a wholly foreign enterprise invested by Japan Kaneko Seisakusho Co., Ltd, and it is a foreign trade company with specialized manufacture and design cases. The company adopted Japanese advanced management model and strict quality management policy, adhering to the craftsmen ingenuity, the spirit of keeping improving , with the pursuit of perfection, We try our best to strive to make products better and more perfect.
The company mainly produces electrical outer package products for Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Citizen, Jvc, Terumo international well-known brands and etc. For example computer bag, SLR camera case, lens case, mobile phone shell, e-book cover, portable audio player sets, earpad and a series of matched products. Now it has become one of four large package suppliers of Sony company and attained the qualification certificate of Green Partner issued by Sony company, In order to ensure the safety of our raw material to our wholly customers .The company has strict control measure for all the raw materials, each of raw materials must be passed the strict environment testing before entering into the warehouse, And can only be used when it has passed RoHS and REACH two standards. Because of our persistence, we have won the trust of majority of customers.
The company is located in Xiangxiang Ctiy Economic Development Zone Hunan Province, which is only 5 km away from the urban area. only 15 minutes driving from the nearest high-speed station Shaoshan South Station, only about 1 hour driving away from Changsha Huanghua Airport, adjacent to Shanghai- Kunming high-speed, Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed, so it has very convenient transportation. The company covers an area of  50 Mu, Own the production plant about 12,000 square meters, 700 employees, registered capital of RMB 7.8 million, annual sales amount of 11 million US dollars. There are about 400 kinds of products at present, annual output of protect cases reached 4.5 million , annual output of belts and straps reached 8 million in 2016.The products mainly export to the foreign market, for example United States, Japan, Canada, the European Union, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and other countries and regions .In order to ensure high-quality high-precision and high-efficient production, the company owned a large number of advanced imported equipments, which has about 800 sets of sewing machines, cutting machine tools, high frequency machines, heating machines, hot presses.
In order to protect the staff working environment, all the workshops were fixed into the air conditioner equipments, Plant is adopted garden construction concept, which has planted a large number of cherry, rose, magnolia, bluegrass, maple, Bauhinia and other plants ,and make the whole plant full of vitality throughout the year.
The company values the cultivation of talents. Each year it will assign excellent staff to go abroad for six months to one year of study and training. While improving staff capacity, it can keep the company competitive and creative forever, so it can also made the company maintain progress continuously. Valuing company’s cohesion is another important character. Every year the company organizes a travel to provide a platform for all the staff to exchange face to face and enhance the feeling in every happy travel life. Employees treat the company as their own home, each employee is a member of the family. Every employee twists into a rope, sharing weal and woe with the advance and retreat is our company’s persistent pursuit.
Xiangtan Kaneko Case&Belt Production Co., Ltd will always adhere to customer supreme as company’s philosophy, keeping improving as our quality standard, no forgetting the craftsmen’s beginner mind, making every product the best with our heart. Welcome friends from various circles to visit our company, give us your guidance and negotiations, we will try our best to you for a satisfied smile.